SEWING "Summer Sew and Sell"

This summer I am hoping to lead a group of my former sewing students in a group I'm calling "Sew and Sell". We will...

  • Build our sewing skills and our confidence

  • Practice good craftsmanship and patience

  • Work as a team to plan a "line"

  • Develop a basic business plan for selling our handmade items

  • Build our inventory of sewn items

  • Sell our stuff! Maybe through a pop up shop, or through online sales


This club is for kids who will be in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in the 2018-19 school year and have basic sewing skills (have taken a class with me before, or similar experience). If you want to join with no experience, I can arrange for a few private lessons before we begin.


Class structure, dates, and cost TBD.


Contact me if you are interested in joining the club!


This summer I will be teaching summer art camp through The Cuernavaca Arts Cooperative.


The Cuernavaca Arts Cooperative Summer Art Academy will run the first two weeks in August in 2018. I believe I will be teaching the second week.